Tramadol Other Drugs in the Same Class

Tramadol Other Drugs in the Same ClassThere are a variety of related drugs to Tramadol, some are related due to the fact they are an opioid, others because they have a very similar molecular structure, however, aren’t technically related as they aren’t opiate derived.

Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain, and on the pain scale, it’s from pain levels of 6 – 8. Anything about 8 will require Morphine, Ketamine or Diazepam and a compatible highly powerful pain relief. For those who can’t take Opioid, there are a variety of alternatives however there is little evidence to show comparative effectiveness, especially given the Placebo Effect could play a very large part in the studies undertaken. Think of it as blind tasting Butter vs. Margarine.

If you are not keen on taking drugs which are opiates, speak to your pharmacist or your GP and they will be able to point you in the right direction, and as there are constantly advances being made in the world of medication, newer, more powerful drugs are always being studied and these newer drugs tend to have fewer addictive properties and far fewer serious side effects.

If you ask your doctor, they will happily provide you with literature and advice on alternative medication for pain relief, and could also (off the record) advise on more natural remedies should you wish to go down that route before moving onto synthetic medication.


You will find that there are lots of resources available to you throughout our website relating to Tramadol and with that in mind do look around if you are looking for additional information regarding any questions you have in regards to Tramadol and other drugs in same class as you will find additional questions fully answered on our website.

You should also look out for Tramadol news stories too as being such a popular drug there will also be a wealth of information available on the web that will help you make up your mind as to whether it is the drug for you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I see my Doctor about my pain?

Tramadol has been found to be one of the best pain relievers available, however what you should always keep in mind if you are experiencing any type of ongoing pain is that there will be a root cause of that pain. As such you will always be best advised to visit your Doctor if you are experiencing pain so he or she can check out what is causing it.

Can I buy Tramadol without a prescription?

You are going to be able to buy Tramadol from our online pharmacy without the need to have a prescription, however you are best advised to ensure that Tramadol is the correct drug for you to take in regards to the condition you intend to take it for. As such we would recommend that you consult with a Doctor if you are worried about any aspect so taking and using Tramadol before you purchase it.

Will I pay more for buying Tramadol online?

Just make sure that when you want to buy Tramadol online that you stick to buying that drug from an approved and licensed stockist as that way you will be getting genuine Tramadol sent out to you. One of the many benefits of ordering Tramadol from such an online pharmacy is that the price you pay will often be greatly lower in price than if you visit and purchase Tramadol from a land based pharmacy.

What exactly is Tramadol?

The drug Tramadol is a narcotic like pain reliever and as such you are going to find that it can and will help to get rid of any pain related conditions that you may be experiencing and it is one of the most commonly used pain relievers for chronic pain too and you are also going to find that it can bought online without the need for a prescription.

Can Tramadol cause pale bluish-coloured or cold hands or feet?

There are some very common and not that severe side effects that can be caused when you are taking Tramadol and those can include pale bluish coloured or cold hands or feet, other side effects can include abdominal or stomach fullness, abnormal or decreased touch sensation and blisters under the skin bloating and also blood in the urine.

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