Percocet and TramadolTramadol and Percocet are fairly similar. However, the side effects are slightly different. Both are powerful painkillers, however, they have slightly different properties in the mechanism of action. Percocet contains oxycodone, and as such is a semi synthetic drug, while Tramadol is a more organic substance. Your doctor will carefully check your record for any issues before providing you with either of these pills.

Be aware that you can’t take both of these drugs together, however, in very rare circumstances you may be given both, though you will most likely be under complete observation, and in hospital. When given both of these drugs together, you need to tell doctors immediately of any untoward interactions such as tremors, hot and cold sweats or anxiety for this could be signs of acute Serotonin Syndrome.

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Percocet and Tramadol Frequently Asked Questions

What is extended release Tramadol?

The extended released form of Tramadol is usually sold in a pill like form and it is used for around the clock pain relief, you will only be best advised to utilize that form of Tramadol if you do not require it treat pains that come and go and as a treatment for those pains that are not needed on an as needed type of basis, so keep that in mind when purchasing it.

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