Is Tramadol Addictive?Tramadol is addictive to a degree, but as is nearly every medication. However, the unusual thing about Tramadol, is that once it is completely out of your system, any, if there are any, withdrawal symptoms disappear, almost like a light switch being flicked off.

The risk of long term addiction is deemed to be very low, in comparison to its potent cousin Heroin, Nicotine, Cocaine and Alcohol. If you feel you may be becoming dependent, or fear you may like Tramadol a little too much if prescribed it, raise your concerns with your doctor, who will be able to support you, also, Narcotics Anonymous is a good place to start if you feel group support is going to be beneficial to you.

Not taking Tramadol correctly is also going to greatly increase your chances of developing resistance, ultimately leading on to addiction, so always be sure to take your medication exactly as prescribed.

We have lots of different guides that will allow you to compare lots of different drugs with Tramadol to allow you to understand any drug interactions or side effects and one that we feel may be of interest to you is our comparison guide on Tramadol VS Oxycodone.

Tramadol Addiction Resources

It is of course very important that you familiarise yourself with every aspect of taking and using Tramadol before you start use it yourself and one subject many people should familiarise themselves with is whether Tramadol is addictive or not and as such please do look round our site for lots of additional resources.

You should also find out more about Tramadol by watching some of the videos we have inserted into our guides and articles and make sure that it is going to be the ideal drug for you to take in regards to any conditions you may be suffering from or experiencing.

Tramadol Addiction Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tramadol safe to take if I am taking antidepressants?

There will be the risk of a range of different side effects and/or drug interactions that you could or may experience when you taking Tramadol if for example you are taking antidepressants and one of those possible drug interactions can cause seizures, and it is with that in mind you should not take Tramadol if you are taking antidepressants as you may have a seizure if you do so.

Is recurrent fever a side effect of using and taking Tramadol?

Please be aware that much like when you take most other drugs and medications you may experience a range of different side effects if and when you start to take and use Tramadol and those side effects can include a recurrent fever. Other side effects can include but are not limited to blood pressure increased, blurred vision, change in walking and balance and also both chest pain or discomfort and chills.

It is safe to crush and then take Tramadol?

At no time should you ever crush a Tramadol pill to take it, for there are some serious consequences of doing so. You should also never inhale and never inject Tramadol as by doing so you could experience a range of very serious effects when you do so. You should therefore only ever take Tramadol as prescribed to negate any possibility of experiencing those serious consequences.

Will I be fine if I take Tramadol and have recently used alcohol?

At no point in time should you consider taking and using Tramadol if you have consumed alcohol recently, by doing so you run a very high risk of experience some very serious consequences. As such if you are about to or are taking Tramadol then you should avoid consuming alcohol at all times if you have an alcohol dependency problem then discuss that problem with your Doctor before taking and using Tramadol.

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