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Genuine Tramadol Frequently Asked Questions

Could I experience severe cramps when I take Tramadol?

Severe cramps are just one of several different side effects that many people could experience as soon as or as they are taking Tramadol regularly. There are some other side effects including gaseous abdominal or stomach pain, heart rate increased, indigestion and also pain in the arms, legs, or lower back, especially pain in the calves or heels upon exertion

I have yellow eyes and skin is that caused by Tramadol?

There are some serious and not that serious side effects that can be caused and experienced when you start to use and taking Tramadol and yellow eyes and skin is one such side effect. Some other commonly experienced side effects and includes a change in walking and balance, chest pain or discomfort, gaseous abdominal or stomach pain, heart rate increased.

Will I have seizures if I take Tramadol and have a history of seizures?

If you have a history of seizures then there is a slightly increased chance that you may experience a seizure or convulsion as they are known when you take Tramadol, and as such you will need to make contact with and seek the approval of your Doctor or a medical professional aware of your medical history first before you do start to take and use Tramadol to discuss the risks of taking Tramadol.

Is it safe to buy Tramadol online?

Taking delivery of and then taking genuine Tramadol is very important for we have discovered that some online pharmacies and websites are selling fake counterfeit copies of Tramadol. Therefore you are strongly advised to ensure that any online pharmacy or website that you do come across is an approved stockist of Tramadol as that way you will be buying the genuine drug.

Will I be able to buy Tramadol in my own home currency?

You will have no problems what so ever being able to buy Tramadol online in any currency you like, whilst our online ordering system will give you lots of different currency options if your home currency is one not displayed on that ordering system then you will still be able to place your order using a debit or credit card and the company issuing that card will make the currency conversion for you.